North – ‘Through The Raven’s Eyes’ Review

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez

North is a sludge/post-rock metal band that makes sure your insides are prepared for the grave. Through The Raven’s Eyes is a two track EP that shows off the best sounds they can produce. Their songs have eccentric dynamics that leave listeners in awe of the way they can turn on vivacious melodies and just as easily produce grotesque grooves that move listeners up off their respected sitting situations and spontaneously dance. 

‘Old Blood’ is an epic journey that evolves from a slow, thrashing riff and becomes a melodic endeavor for adventure. The scale of distorted and large guitar chords that take over the last half of the song is only half the excitement, with deep, guttural vocals residing in the distorted walls, transferring through a decent rhythm beat from the drums and bass. ‘Silverfeather’ starts out more like a black metal track with rapid chords stretching multiple bars in the composition. The chords slowly fade into ambient synthesizers that create an ominous atmosphere and a deathly mood. Not much else happens but just listening to the static is comforting to fade out with.

This 14 minute EP is a dark and inclusive EP to listen to. The reflective tone is something for most metal fans to give into. North has always been an experience to listen too, with Through The Raven’s Eyes adding to their existential catalogue. Take a listen below and make sure to pick up the EP through their bandcamp.

Score: 7/10