DIVIDES – ‘Brokentooth’ Review

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez

Imagine the swoon and natural beauty of Hayley Williams voice binding with early 2000s screamo music with the ambiance of PVRIS. Sounds pretty sick, right? Well that is a one word sentence to describe the realm of music DIVIDES is conquering. After a successful Warped Tour Date earlier this year, the band is releasing their debut LP Brokentooth on August 11th.

What sounds to be a normal power pop song at the opening of ‘Holes In The Floor’ blasts into a distorted groove chugging guitars and a pulsing bass line. The catchy melody that is sung by vocalist CJ Marie is infectious, diving into your ear and splashing with raw power. A considerate amount of these tracks showcase the ability of the lyrics to be communicable, really coming to life on lead single, ‘Echoes Fade.’ The tune features Chris James of Defeat The Low, collaborating in a passionate duet manner. DIVIDES exhibit their ability to create emotional atmospheres, as evidenced on ballad tracks ‘Sirens and Sailors’ and ‘Alpenglow.’

Not every song has an intimate feel though, with ‘Splay’ having a stoner metal vibe with the slower sludge riffs slithering through the mix. The drums pound along with great syncopation and rhythm. ‘Supersymmetry’ has a new metal vibe with the amount of beat downs going on throughout ever twist and turn in the track. Closer ‘We Are Fragments,’ is lead by bouncing synth leads that eventually are taken over by a dark guitar riff. The bridge of the song finds CJ at her most vulnerable, at first barely singing at a whisper before letting her voice reach it’s full loudness, screaming through her fragmented view of life with synthesizers helping put her together. 

Brokentooth is an electrifying fight between CJ and her demons. Helping her fight is great music with energetic grooves and at times a somber standstill ballad. DIVIDES is a band to keep watching as they continue to show their growth and passion in the music community. Stream the album below and make sure to pick it up on iTunes or wherever you buy your music.

Score: 8.25/10