Pinegrove – ‘Old Friends’ Song Premiere (Schuylkill Sessions)

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez

Schuylkill Sessions is place where artists from the local scene of Philadelphia go to perform acoustic arrangements of their songs. Each track is done near the Schuylkill River, hence the name, and sees every artist playing their tunes surrounded by beautiful scenes of nature. Above is the newest session and song from Pinegrove, ‘Old Friends.’ It is an absolutely beautiful track that the band have not released yet. This is in correlation with the song ‘New Friends’ which was premiered earlier this week via Schuylkill Sessions.

Thanks to son beautiful key work and some tricks on the acoustic guitar by Evan Hall, the song still offers a slightly rambunctious feel to it. Hall’s voice is nothing short of catchy, having a wiry presence that calls for your own voice to begin humming along to his melody. “There’s nothing really bad to be upset about,” cries out Hall about midway through the song. Even watching him play one can sense his love for music and his deep affection with what he’s playing. It’s that kind of passion that gives the performance that much of an edge. The natural ambiance set up by the atmosphere the band is playing in is matched by the hums of the synthesizer, building upon the mood in a delightful way.

Stay tuned for more Schuylkill Sessions, and make sure to keep invested with what Pinegrove is up to. The group has a knack for writing absolutely killer tracks that put you in a good mood immediately.

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