Everything Ever – ‘Big Idea’ Video!

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez

Everything Ever is what happens when the dramatic sing alongs of AFI meets the pop punk spirit of Say Anything. ‘Big Ideas’ begins with a spastic drum pattern with an upbeat chord progression. The vocals never offer the listener a chance to breathe with their catchy harmonies matching bouncing punk patterned progressions. As the chorus spins along a two-step pattern is drawn out with the vocals taking their time to be infectious and delivered to perfection. The accuracy of each approach is as if a young Gerard Way was stepping up to the mic and delivering his lines, but with more confidence and more vigor.

The musical aspects of ‘Big Ideas’ are what many would expect from pop-punk driven songs. The guitars are vivacious and loud, giving their own melodic background for the vocals to soar over. The verses offer quick changes in voiced chords that lead into a stop-and-go bridge. As the song comes to a close one thing will be sure to stick you, “I got to be more friendly, I got to sing more passionately, I got to throw away the filter and say what’s on my mind.”

Don’t be surprised if the main theme gets stuck in your head for thirty minutes at a time, that is just the sign of a band taking steps in the right direction to keep you in the loop of great music.

If you are a fan of ‘Big Ideas’ go here to download the full album!