Gig Review: Superheaven ‘Ours Is Chrome’ Release Show!

Posted: by Dylan

Tay and Zack of Superheaven

It was a beautiful Sunday evening to be in Philly for Superheaven’s “Ours Is Chrome” release show, especially after I found out the show had been upgraded from The Barbary to The Voltage Lounge. Admittedly, I spent longer than planned pre-gaming and missed Westpoint, but Rozwell Kid more than made up for my error with their lightning pace and off-the-walls energy.

Rozwell Kid 6Rozwell Kid 3Rozwell Kid 2Rozwell Kid 1Rozwell Kid 5

I stepped out between sets to see members of Superheaven hanging out with family and friends, including Jon Simmons of their buddies Balance and Composure.

Superheaven and Friends

Back inside, Diamond Youth rocked my face off despite never really listening to them before (they won me over), and a larger crowd gathered in anticipation of the headliners.

Diamond Youth 1Diamond Youth 2Diamond Youth 3Diamond Youth 4

Superheaven came out in full force, jamming a mixed set of tracks from Ours Is Chrome and Jar with the volume maxed.

Superheaven 1Superheaven 2Superheaven 3Taylor of SuperheavenJake of SuperheavenJoe of SuperheavenTaylor of Superheaven 2Joe of Superheaven 2

I was a little bummed when chants for one more song went unanswered, but let’s be real: this was a concert to celebrate themselves and their hard work; why shouldn’t they have enjoyed the party too?