Tart – ‘These Are Not Love Songs’ EP Premiere!

Posted: by Riley

TART are a Detroit-based electronic duo who may or may not have been born in leather jackets. Their new EP ‘These Are Not Love Songs’ combines the snarl of blues revivalism with the sheen of electronic pop. The band’s polished instrumentals are dripping with menace and gifted with a strange urgency; this is only propelled by front-woman Zee Bricker’s shrill vocals which fall somewhere between Alison Mosshart and Gwen Stefani. The strongest cut is the third track, called “Nebraska;” the song is bratty, infectious ear-candy punctuated by weaving bouts of flimsy guitar and burping synths. “Hello” and “Stasis” are also stand-outs; the former is a potent haunted-house pop eccentric and lead single, while the latter is a sparse, theatre-inspired ballad which closes out the impressive EP.  ‘These Are Not Love Songs’ finds a way to manage its numerous sonic devices with startling precision and authenticity. TART is a well-oiled machine. Listen Below.

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