Seven Songs For The Fourth Of July

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez

As many people know, the Fourth of July is one of the most prestigious and well known nationwide celebrations of any proud individual. While I and the rest of The Alternative will be celebrating, I wanted to leave a post about songs that will be on my playlist this weekend. I will spend this time with great friends and in a 45 inch kiddie pool that I bought just for the purpose of spending an entire day outside not drowning in water, but the deadly magic ale. I now present Seven Songs For The Fourth Of July!

1. The Greatest Sum (Acoustic) – The Avett Brothers

Everyone has their own deep romance with someone. Maybe this love shines as bright as the fireworks that will light up the night sky later on. Maybe the ambition to be with that person succumbs everything, including the fact that you have no idea where you are and the last thing you remember is your friend knocking the grill over and a fire starting in a small town in the middle of nowhere. Regardless, the sweet acoustic melody brings out feelings of joy and confidence in knowing nothing can take that special someone or something away from you.

2. The ’59 Sound – The Gaslight Anthem 

There is no doubt in my mind that nostalgia and pure sentiment helps bring out the most of emotions on any big day. There is also no doubt that this song is one of the more defining tunes of our generation. The storyline Brian Fallon creates is nothing but pure charity to the ears. This is one of those feel good songs that makes a perfect shining summer day pop with even more energy and ridiculous antics.

3. Party In The U.S.A. – Miley Cyrus

Alright, I don’t want to receive any shit here. This song is nothing but pure happy energy about a party in the U.S.A.. Nothing is more manly than five dudes drinking whiskey from the bottle listening to this song in a 45 inch kiddie pool. If that does not scream like a good time in the ol’ United States I don’t know what does. Stay thirsty my friends.

4. The Front Bottoms – Twin Size Mattress

I remember the first time I watched the music video for this song. Something inside me changed. There is a lot of romanticized emotion of living on the road, and having that feeling attached to an introspective mood that puts people into deep thought about their lives. It is a song that a group of friends grow silent and listen too, all succumbing to the moving power of music, realizing we are all in this nightmare together.

5. letlive. – Lemon Party

It is weird that for a band as visceral and spastic as this one I choose one of the softest songs they have ever recorded. Take a listen to the song though, that chorus is absolutely beautiful. I might even argue that it is a perfect chorus that bounces around as the fireworks are exploding in the sky. The way Jason Butlers voice swoons the ears of the listener is enough to give anyone a feeling of summer love. I just wish my burgers would cook quicker.

6. Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen

This is my favorite Queen song. The song takes any sad in your body and shakes it out of you with vivacious melodies and that god damned Freddie Mercury swag. His power stance is something you attempt to pull off after you are too lit from all the beer and whiskey you drank and you end slipping on the grass and falling into the kiddie pool. A slight panic comes over your body as you think you are drowning, but you rise up out of the water and nail the final chorus like the tone deaf partier you are.

7. The New Black – Every Time I Die

This has been my party anthem since 2009. The opening beer crack wakes a certain nerve ending in my body that finds a bottle of some kind of alcohol to provide my empty soul with. Looking around at the people around me I forgot why I was doing this in the first place. This is Sean signing off and reminding everyone to have a great weekend. I love all of you from the bottom of my party driven heart.