SPORTS – ‘Saturday’ Single Review

Posted: by Mitch

Imagine going out to a party and taking one too many shots of (insert cheap liquor of your choice here). You wake up the next morning having no clue what happened or where the time went- this is sort of how I feel about S P O R T S, a power-pop/punk band hailing from Gambier, Ohio where all of their members attended Kenyon College (a tiny liberal arts school). Not to compare the quintet to a hangover caused by Kamchatka or Canadian Mist, but it seems like the career of the upbeat, sing-songy group came and went faster than a gas-station-liquor induced black out (the band has announced their break up since all graduating this past spring). 

After putting out their extremely well received 8-track album, Sunchokes back in June of 2014, S P O R T S has toured around the mid-west and beyond, playing anywhere from small house spaces (including in my kitchen at The Wolf Haus), to various well known venues in the circuit. Their female fronted, high energy, feel good vibes helped to solidify the band in the ever growing scene. 

This past spring S P O R T S hit the studio to record one last album, this time a full length entitled All of Something, which was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Kyle Gilbride (who has worked with such acts as All Dogs and Waxahatchee). All of Something outlines what it’s like to be a 20-something kid just trying to get by, and how even the simplest of tasks can turn out to represent so much more. The LP is set to be released on October 30, 2015. Recently the band has seen praise from NPR’s All Songs Considered and their first single ‘Saturday’ premiered via Stereogum’s Bands to Watch. 

‘Saturday’ is the second track off of the S P O R T S’ upcoming LP and does a fantastic job of exemplifying their emotionally driven, catchy style. “Maybe I’m just scared of making plans we might never keep, but I can’t find a reason not to stay” croons Carmen Perry, giving the listener a sense of how flakey everyone’s summer plans end up being, especially as an early 20’s “adult.” Only lasting one minute and thirteen seconds, the short-but-sweet tune keeps you wanting more; craving the jangly, kind spirited vibe that the band has become known for. Keep a look out for more singles to be released, and for the release of All of Something this October.

*My favorite memory of S P O R T S is the last time they played through Athens, Ohio and all showed up drinking multiple Mad Dog 20/20’s. Picture for evidence.