Tough Stuff – ‘Let’s Move’ Review

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez

Tough Stuff is the lighthearted face of Emo. Their punk attitude shines through their songs, keeping everything fresh and upbeat. The band is part of a stellar lineup from Too Far Gone Records, an independent label. Let’s Move features twelve tracks never extending their stay, clocking in at an average under two minutes per song. From the very beginning listeners are bombarded with bombastic, anthemic bangers that calls for everyone to learn the lyrics and shout along. 

It’s the brutal honesty in an opening song like ‘Dude, Where’s My Corn?’ that people can immediately relate too. “I’ll talk to you for hours. We’ve all got problems. We’re all different people. Sugar pie honeybunch. I just want to talk,” cries out the vocalist, begging to have a human connection. It’s this connection that keeps the energy alive on Let’s Move. Take a listen to ‘Miss You’ and ‘Eyes’ and how well they are tied together through the music. Sporadic drums are paired with energetic guitars for a constant adrenaline rush spread over 23 minutes. The rush of endorphins is sparked by tracks like ‘Anything’ and ‘Nate Wants To Party Forever.’ Brutally conscientious lyrics are backed with urgent vocal deliveries, sounding like the call to a celebration for Nate on the latter track. 

It is not all about fiery chord progressions however, as ‘Dreams’ features mesmerizing guitar licks that are introspective, holding a lot of weight on the back half of the record. Also shining on this back half is ‘Let’s Move Away,’ featuring syncopation between the rolling drums and the bass and guitar. This is just one of the glimmering moments of the album that highlights the talent of Tough Stuff. No matter how energetic and carefree the album feels, there is a lot of emotional presence throughout Let’s Move. Listen to the album yourself and try not feel the power of these twelve songs. 

Score: 8/10

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