Yuth Forever – ‘Freudian Slip’ Review

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez

The crippling and traumatic disorder that is anxiety has been and will continue to be a source of inspiration for artists creating music. Developing a vision to express how an attack feels is always a unique and haunting way to dive into composing music. Down tempo hardcore street metal band Yuth Forever (formerly known as Villians) takes aim with it’s newest LP Freudian Slip at what it is like to live with chest crushing anxiety. It is all aptly stated by a robotic voice pleading to not be left alone backed by a terror driven whirring on opening song ‘Lost In Translation.’

There is essentially two different styles the band plays through across this record. One is an over-produced and frantic self-named ‘street metal’ while the other is a symphonic and atmospheric spacey droning. The former style will be present on most tracks on the album with the latter making appearances and never really establishing a true staying power, but are more than welcome. For example, the chamber and trapped feel of ‘Better Off Alone’ is a beautiful dichotomy and change of pace from the vicious pounds of the previous tracks. ‘Better Off Alone’ finds the narrator almost at peace, considering the reason they are still alone. Before this suppressing comfort, listeners were bombarded with extravagant drum patterns and vicious guitar riffs to give off the urgent pleas for help. ‘Rital(in)’ is the star of the panic driven brutal tracks, combing switching time signatures with awkward synth parts and a visceral vocal performance to effectively create an anxiety driven track.

The reason Yuth Forever, and particularly Freudian Slip, can keep listeners entertained is their sincere honesty. The lyrics offer a relatable crutch to walk with instead of continuing down the path of suffering. ‘Better Off Dead’ is a psychosocial journal entry about wanting to give up. Immediately after the title track slides in with warm vocals gliding over tortured screams. It’s this kind of snug dissonance that is hard to achieve, but when it is done right it is bone chilling. 

My own personal tastes are more of a fan of the more melancholic drag of the atmospheric moments on this LP. A perfect example of the two at work with each other is ‘Bitterromantic 1’ and its sequel directly after. A chaotic and chuggy beatdown accompanies the first, while staticky melodies allow the emotional vocals to grasp more space and weight before exploding into sheer terror. The production of Last Forever is top notch, at times almost over produced during some breakdowns. This is typical of band such as ArchitectsStructures, and Betayal. Regardless, the raw power of Yuth Forever is not matched by very many others, but the trudging pace can be predictable at times, drowning certain songs into the whirlpool of familiar two steps. Even the album ends with a bit of predictability, finally allowing the narrator to discover that where the beginning was, the end still finds the same, being all alone.

Score: 7/10

Pick Up The Album HERE: https://yuthforever.bandcamp.com/releases

p.s. the artwork is one of the best I have seen all year.