What’s Eating Gilbert – ‘That New Sound You’re Looking For’ Review

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez

Fans of New Found Glory, look no further for the newest album from member Chad Gilbert. While he was never the main voice behind the famed punk band, he was contributing songwriter and lead guitarist. What’s Eating Gilbert is the name behind his current side project, and features a vintage feel to beloved rock compositions. His debut LP, That New Sound You’re Looking For is out today, July 10th, via Hopeless Records.

With a title as clever as it is, the music must be something completely out of proportion to what is expected. Luckily there is some saving grace to the sound. Lead single ‘You’re The Most’ combines AC/DC styled chord progressions with tasteful guitar licks adding to the classic rock feel this album bolsters. Just like Gilbert himself, the rest of the album is dressed up in it’s fanciest outfit ready to take the girl out to prom for a rewarding night out. Most of the songs will talk about a girl that Gilbert is almost idolizing, which I can assume is his current partner Hayley Williams of Paramore. She could almost count as a guest spot for being the narrative of an entire 12 track album.

Still, That New Sound You’re Looking For offers a certain joy and pop to the songs to add a lighthearted feel to the record. The tracks never overstay their welcome, clocking in at an average time of just under three minutes to try and stop the chords and sound from blending together across multiple tunes. Gilbert still holds a semi-nasally tone to his vocal delivery, but it works on the tracks the seem to sneak in pop-punk tinged progressions, like on ‘Follow Her Around’ and ‘A Song About Girls.’ 

‘Ain’t Been Happy With Me’ is a classic ballad paying with a semi-country spin to the song, given off by the guitars natural twang. ‘From The Start’ holds the premise of a 60’s styled rock song with full chords and incredibly catchy vocal melodies. ‘Miserable Without You’ is a confessional styled love song with a slowed down tempo, highlighting how well Gilbert can dynamically weave parts together to create a cohesive experience. 

What’s Eating Gilbert‘s debut album expands on the work Chad Gilbert has been showcasing in the past releases of this project. His various musical styles show his natural songwriting talent. That New Sound You’re Looking For is a lively rock album depicting a singer madly in love with a woman. Luckily the songs are fun and offer sonically infectious themes to help not drone on and on. Do not expect this record to change your thoughts on music, but maybe you can see the kind of love Hayley Williams possesses. 

Score: 7/10

purchase the album right here! http://whatseatinggilbert.merchnow.com/