alone. – Somewhere In The Sierras

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez

It is finally here. I have been holding onto the glory that is Somewhere In The Sierras for almost an entire month. There is nothing more aggravating than knowing that an album is great but not being able to share it with the music community. Maybe it was actually more of a relief, allowing for the hype to naturally take form and swirl in like a hurricane. Regardless of how it all made me feel, now I can breathe easy as others will eventually put this album into their ear holes and hear the beauty.

For fans of A Lot Like Birds they must know that guitarist Michael Franzino departed for two months to be entirely secluded and write an album. Naturally, he named the project alone. and knowing his writing style it became an ambitious project that is full of vivacious layers and dare I say genius composition. It all begins with an epic opening scale of explosive dynamics on ‘A Scopare Ma Non Sentire’ to kick off the album. 

Somewhere In The Sierras offers a variety of aesthetics to accompany the ten songs that make up the 37 minutes. No song will sound similar to the other (unless you count the prelude to ‘Close Without Closure’ which is just cheating). In fact, let me say something about that track. ‘Close Without Closure’ is sonically a perfect commentary on the thoughts one has after a relationship has ended. The duet style vocals in the middle of the track provide a look at how old lovers stuck on how to move forward. 

Somewhere In The Sierras is an album one needs to experience. To feel the dark overtones of ‘More Fiend’ roll over your ears is something one can connect with more than I can write about. An emotional Franzino closes the album with the ballad that is ‘Maternity Leave (Funeral March 28th).’ The album is released today and I strongly recommend to give this album a listen. Go outside and take a walk with it playing, stay inside with The Discovery Channel on mute. I just want others to hear how gorgeous this is.