Where My Bones Rest Easy – ‘Exercises In Futility’ EP Review

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez

The way Exercises In Futility begins is very surreal. We hear the studio door open as someone approaches an acoustic guitar. After making sure the guitar was tuned correctly, a tranquil almost whispered voice begins singing over a picked guitar lick. Where My Bones Rest Easy offer a transcendental experience on this EP and go through waves of introspective, often sad melodies to do so.

In the middle of the opening track ‘Habit Forming’ we are introduced to the main style of musicianship the band provides for the other four songs on this 21 minute record. The guitars begin to shape into a fuzzy mass of audible distractions to the very soft vocals. It gives off the feeling that the dual vocals by Anthony Manell and Krystle Rangel are drowning, fighting for their emotions to be heard. 

The vocals do not have to be the main focus however, ‘Stutter Step’ offers fantastic musicianship in how the emotions bleed through the instruments. The lead guitar parts add their own weight of melancholy attractions in the rich tone (happening at 2:34). ‘Forgotten Skin’ is the upbeat swan of the album, providing the listeners with a change of pace to the EP. The drum and bass bind themselves together with a catchy groove that begs the listeners head to nod along. The song brings a heavy amount of shock value as the entire band unleashes their energy in a desperate screamed section. It shows the trio at their weakest emotionally but at their strongest sonically. 

I’m not certain what a ‘Snuffbox’ is but the guitars are bright with their melodies, no matter how dissonant they become. The bends and shrills blend with the deep chords to create a discordant feel to the whole track. ‘Slowfade’ does exactly what the title says. The tune has the appeal of a ballad, trudging along with a sullen vocal approach by both Rangel and Manella. They weave together their voices like a duet before succumbing to a final piano line almost as sad as the entire song itself. 

Where My Bones Rest Easy find a way to be abrasive in their own manner. These five tracks are a great way to showcase all the talent this band has to offer. Each song is distinguishable from the next or the previous, allowing for their tunes to have a memorable impact on the listener. Find out which one speaks to you the most by listening to Exercises In Futility on its release day, June 23rd, 2015.