Nepotism – ‘Televisions’ Single Review

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez

I love listening to new music. Nepotism is one of the most diverse bands I have ever come across in terms of finding new niches to ride in while creating music. Their EP last year Black Sheep was hard to consolidate into one genre, instead tackling quite a few at once with atmosphere, ambition and plenty of aggression as well. They take action in spitting fiery flows as well as taking a gaze at their shoes to built an ambiance as well.

2015 finds the band back in the studio working on a new project and also releasing their newest single ‘Televisions.’ Upon an immediate listen one can hear the influences being drawn from acts like Rage Against The Machine and maybe even a less heavy Stray From The Path. The guitars bounce about shifting pitches giving the song a more disorderly feel to it. The drums keep a tightly wound groove with the bass slapping in the background. It’s as if Nepotism is bringing the revolution into your own living room T.V. 

Rob, the frontman of the band is also a very intelligent individual. I have had the pleasure of talking with him more than a few times about social issues, finding inspiration and even just how hard the band works. His lyrics are always biting and add an extra sting of emotion as well. When I asked him about the track, he stated, “Nepotism’s new single Televisions is a high-driven tirade against the ills of American society. Televisions is a track about the belief that the government uses media to control the population to react a certain way (fuel to fire). The song’s lyrics discuss social inequality as well as institutional racism.”

It’s a funny concept to think about, televising the revolution against the people who would be the ones revolting. Rob also added, “Televisions was heavily inspired by Gil Scott-Heron’s The Revolution Will Not Be Televised and features the extremely high whammy-pedal sound known as ‘pterodactyl sounds.'”

The single was released on June 12th and can be downloaded here.