After The Fall – “Dedication” Review

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez



I like a dose of honesty in my punk/hardcore bands. When the music is sincere and with a purpose it makes it much easier to get behind and enjoy. After The Fall doesn’t have any bullshit to spew. Dedication is their fifth album to date. Recorded in Colorado, this album is vastly different from their previous efforts.

It’s alright if you’ve never heard of this band, but this new record should at least punch people in the heart hard enough that people remember their name. Dedication is what the name says, a dedicated album to a friend that passed away. Every single song is in reference to the feelings of losing a friend too young in life. What better way to create an ode that will last forever then to embrace blastbeats and aggressive vocals with bittersweet lyrics?

‘Reflection’ is the song that starts the album and actually reminded me of the band Rust Belt Lights. The quick chord progressions and the way the vocals are so raw helped with that impression. The lyrics can be biting at times too, like on the title track, “It’s times like these that I question my belief in things, like karma or my belief in God, am I good person or if i’m not.” 

After The Fall are good at not repeating the same ideas too often, which is what makes this collection of ten tracks easier to listen to. ‘Condolences’ clocks in at twenty five seconds just to wish the immediate family the best of luck. ‘Twenty Nine’ is one of the darker tracks, discussing the idea of not being able to wake up with a dark musical theme accompanying it. Now we know the friend passed away pretty early in life. ‘Ill Fate’ is the quick shock of hearing the news for anyone that has lost a friend.

There is not much else to write about for this album. It is short and sweet, aggressive yet encouraging. I guess one thing I have to say before I close this paragraph is the final progression of ‘Indian Ladder’ fucking rules, with both guitars bouncing a lead off of each other while the drums are spastically frolicking about. Dedication is an honest and short album trimmed to be written and listened with a specific agenda, and the quick pace really sells it.