4th N’ Goal – “Turn On The Light” Review

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez



There are two kinds of pop-punk bands making their name in the industry lately: bands trying to be overly enigmatic and bands that are straight forwardly trying to write fun, energetic music. 4th ‘N Goal are the second kind. Who would’ve thought a band with a song entitled ‘Pickles’ would be so catchy and fun. 4th ‘N Goal hail from Italy and created a marvelous, singable anthem on their newest EP, Turn On The Light.

Dueling guitars, that each have their own contribution to the overall melody, harsh vs. serene vocals and intricate drum patterns make up the core of every song. ‘Red Line Extreme’ has a quick chord progression with vocalists Sam and Mocho trading lines back and forth. The band can write for a more mosh heavy audience as well, best seen in ‘Turn On The Lights, Dude!’ where the band soars into a two step sort of breakdown with a tasteful guitar lick. 

There is sincerity found in the music, mainly because both Mocho and Sam give their all when approaching every vocal line. The duel vocalist approach mixed with the spastic and fast paced instrumental sections are reminiscent of bands like Four Year Strong and Set Your Goals. This style of pop-punk produces anthemic music that is best enjoyed with the windows down driving a car blasting as loud as possible. ‘Out Of Tortillas’ is one huge gang vocal of a song meant for shouting at the top of your lungs.

The band even has the guts and abilities to take the popular Bring Me The Horizon track ‘Drown’ and cover it with their own style and grace. If anything, it showcases how talented this easycore group from Milano, Italy is. The band sparks with pure energy and uses it to create enjoyable tunes with a lighthearted nature. Make sure you check out Turn On The Light which is out April 21st.