NIK MAACK – Art Show

Posted: by Henderson

NIK MAACK (also known as @LordJuiblex on Twitter) is one of my favorite creative people. His art has a unique style and his paintings and comics always make me think. Sometimes they make me think in silly fun ways and other times in wild and crazy ways. I like both. I asked him to submit some of his work and an explanation of his artistic style. His paintings are below, followed by his post and then a few awesome comics he’s written. You can find a ton more art/comics and buy some to support him at his site

– Henderson

I’m in therapy. I go three times a week, and have been going for over 5 years. 

Today, in therapy, I talked a bit about art, selling art, self promotion. It’s an issue for me. I hate all that shit. I’d say it’s my biggest issue — my inability to approach galleries or sell myself.  Where is that coming from, besides bad parenting?

Today, I had one of those paranoid fantasies that cleared up the matter a little. What if my apartment burned to the ground and all my existing paintings were destroyed?  The thought got me excited.  Then I could paint MORE PAINTINGS!

But, wait, self — that makes no sense. I can always paint more paintings.  

Ah, but if all my paintings were destroyed, I would have room for EVEN MORE PAINTINGS.

This is not a viable business model. But I just want to paint, and write, and paint. I don’t care if I sell. I’m not even sure I care if I can feed myself.

This is, of course, madness. 

I have a full time day job that actually pays the bills quite well.  I’d like to quit and make art full time, but who can do that in this day and age? I’m 45 years old, and I’ve been painting crazy outsider shit for decades now.  Is there money in?  I don’t know.

Art goes on.

– Nik

Check out more of his work at his site!