State Faults – “Head In The Clouds EP” Review

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez



State Faults is one of those bands that I think gets left out of the conversation of great emo/post-hardcore acts in this day and age. They stem from the same influences that made “The Wave” so successful yet they never took off in the same way. Their formula began on their first EP Head In The Clouds. The extended play was remastered and re-released on March 17th through Tiny Engines. 

If anyone reading this has not taken a dive into this band I would highly recommend it. The music plays similarly like that of early Pianos Become The Teeth while also maintaining a big atmosphere with post-rock-esque melodies and progressions. The remixing sounds incredible, giving the songs more of an impact with more defined vocals and an audible bass. Even listening to State Faults last full lengthResonate/Desperate one can hear how full the audio is now. This only gets me more amped for what this band will do for their next LP, which is being written as I type. 

‘Last Breath’ showcases the emotionally wretched lyrics that accompany the bombastic music. It’s hard not to feel the weight of the visceral vocals from the opening lines, “This isn’t the end. I can still feel you, I still hear your footsteps. The sound of your silence still screaming inside you. If I could make time stand still, I’d capture this moment, I’d replay your last breath again again again again again.” 

‘Nothing Stays’ is a track with nothing but pure gut wrenching buildup. The opening piece of the song is tranquil, not much is happening but as the song continues on the chords grow and provide force at the song’s climax. ‘Quiet Steps’ has a change of music style as vocalist Johnny Andrews lets his singing voice be heard in a fit of urgency. It really blends well with the swirling guitars and backing vocals. 

It may take a few listens to grasp what State Faults are about. I have had people say the vocal style is too screamo, which I can understand but for fans of the current trends of post-hardcore/emo this band should not be looked over. Head In The Clouds was the milestone that set this band up for the incredible things they have done since then. If anything, take a listen and tell me what you think.