Rozwell Kid – “Good Graphics EP” Review

Posted: by Henderson



I really like the band Rozwell Kid. Okay that’s an understatement. (If you like them so much why don’t you marry them???) BECAUSE YOU CAN’T MARRY MUSIC ONLY PEOPLE SELF JEEZ LEAVE ME ALONE.

It’s hard to explain what it is exactly that draws me to this band. Sure they’ve got guitar riffs on riffs on riffs and God knows I love those riffs. (When I asked vocalist and guitarist Jordan what kind of music he listened to he answered “I just like guitars pretty much. I like music with guitars. If it has rock in the name I probably like it.” and it shows in their songwriting.) They also pack a rock n roll punch few bands still have (new labelmates on Infinity Cat JEFF The Brotherhood and Diarrhea Planet come to mind). But the best thing about Rozwell Kid, and the thing that makes me enjoy them so much, is their energy.

I’m not talking about the screaming energy of a hardcore band or anything like that (although their live shows are bananas). Rozwell Kid carry a silly explosive vibe into everything they do. A true erratic energy that comes from within. The 1st song on this EP is about trying to grow sideburns, the 4th is about chugging hummus. It’s silly! It’s great! But being wacky isn’t always great because most people don’t like you, and you wish you didn’t live on earth anymore with these boring folk that don’t get it. Rozwell Kid write about that too! It makes me feel less alone. Let me explain.

I am a weird dude. NO REALLY? Yes really. Im “out there” or so they say. I had a middle school teacher tell me I was going to be either famous or homeless (still up for grabs!). I was referred to as an alien a lot in college. I refer to myself as an alien. I may in fact be an alien. (don’t tell Will Smith). But being an alien on earth is sometimes lonely. Why isn’t everyone else dancing down the street singing about hummus? Why doesn’t everyone else want to ride dinosaurs and grow up to be Ace Ventura? That’s why I love music in general. The most creative personalities and unique energies are drawn to this field. Rozwell Kid are that and more. Not only are they on my wavelength, their songs are 100% authentic. They don’t try to hide who they are and I think that’s a lesson we all (alien or human) can learn from them.

Rozwell Kid have released 3 full length albums (self-titled, Unmacho, and Too Shabby) and they’re all great. Every single track on each is a slightly different flavor of Rozwell Kid’s alien energy. Each progressive LP has seen them refine their songwriting, experiment a bit, and tighten their instrumentals. This EP is another step in the right direction. Hang on to this rocket ship. It’s headed places.