5 Bands To Start Listening To #4

Posted: by Findlay


When you watch Brat Pack films like The Breakfast Club, there’s something so inimitable imbued in the film, something so crystal and perfect that you can’t hold but you can appreciate and love. That’s Makthaverskan. The Swedish post-punk 5-piece’s last album came out on Run For Cover and are reminiscent of darker 80’s bands like The Cure and The Cult. Their brand new single “Witness” is getting a lot of comparisons to Siouxsie and the Banshees and it’s not hard to see why. They nail such a hard sound to get right and they sound fucking good doing it.

LISTEN: https://soundcloud.com/luxury-gbg/makthaverskan-witness

Del Paxton

OOOOH now’s your time! Get it while it’s hot! Del Paxton are a really, incredibly tight and melodic indie-emo band who sound like they would fit in to the early 2000’s Deep Elm roster perfectly. They fire out neat guitar melodies and just generally fun, timeless sounding emo that I can’t ever tire of hearing. It’s been a bit of a wait for new songs being released but Del Paxton have just recently announced they’re putting out a split 7” on Topshelf. Which is rad and something im super excited to hear.

LISTEN: http://delpaxton.bandcamp.com/track/the-ninety



Slutever forever. These two girls rule. Most things they do are amazing fuck-you’s to conventions within the music scene they exist in. Slutever have a new cassette coming out soon and its going to be a head turner. Whether they’re blaring out dirty, snotty grunge rock or dreary, slacker ballads, its all in the delivery. There’s no pretence here. Its straight down the line youthful, rebellion and it sounds kick fucking ass.

LISTEN: https://soundcloud.com/sluteverbff/smother


Lovers Turn To Monsters

That’s ma boy. That’s my big dirty emo pal. Lovers Turn To Monsters is the pseudonym for Scottish lo-fi emo-folk cool guy Kyle Wood and you should all totally listen to him right now. Kyle is a super prolific and entertaining songwriter who goes from project to project almost immediately but leaves in his wake a ragingly expansive back catalogue full of albums about love, death, pop culture, and being drunk. Not shying away from raw, personal feelings, LTTM will manage to pull emotions from you that you probably don’t know exist. (I’m also pretty sure he likes The Phantom Menace more than anyone should).

LISTEN: http://loversturntomonsters.bandcamp.com/album/the-skeletor-ep


Algernon Doll

Sexy boys making constantly evolving alternative music. That’s probably as best a description as you’ll get of Algernon Doll. The guys are super posi dudes, chest-deep in the beautiful punk and DIY Glasgow scene and this smells like the year they go beyond the confines of the UK to destroy the rest of the world. Their dynamite blend of Alt-Rock and Grunge is passionate and fucking cool. The boys have recently been recording a new album with Steve Albini so everyone is waiting and sweating to hear what this fucking thing sounds like, my guesses? It’ll be good and I’ll like it. You will too. I know it.

LISTEN: http://algernondoll.bandcamp.com/track/fellate