Turnstile – “Nonstop Feeling” Review

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STREAM this album while you read! So good.

STREAM this album while you read! So good.

Who would’ve thought my first album review of my life would be a hardcore record? Let me preface this friends and readers alike; hardcore is by no means my favorite genre. To be completely honest, I usually only listen if I’m upset, the weather sucks, or I’m going running. So to find myself willingly writing the first review of my Internet career (is that even a thing?) on Turnstile’s debut record Nonstop Feeling should be a good enough indication of enjoyable of a record it is to listen too.

What Turnstile is able to achieve with Nonstop Feeling is craft a hardcore record that integrates the two step riffage, breakdowns, and NONSTOP energy of hardcore we all love while also weaving in a wide array of influences that add a refreshing sense of fun (and don’t hate me….FEELING) . An impressive array of groove driven bangers mixed with some very 90’s alt rock inspired tracks show that the guys in Turnstile were not only afraid to go outside the box but make a statement to the hardcore scene while doing it. Opening track “Gravity” grabs the listener attention immediately with a record scratch intro followed by singer Brendan Yates yelling  “If feeling is what they want, then feeling is what they get!”  Guitars soon enter in with the previously mentioned groove and a heightened urgency thanks to the instrumentation that will have everyone bobbing as the internal pit begins to form in the listener’s head

Tracks like “Fazed Out” and  “Addicted” show that Yates and crew aren’t afraid to get a little up-tempo. Heavy down strokes on the guitar drive the verse of “Fazed Out” which leads to an impressive solo that exemplifies the influences of bands like Living Colour, Rage Against The Machine, and Red Hot Chili Peppers. “Addicted” begins guns blaring with a drum intro that will have countless bodies piling upon each other as Yates jumps into the verse. Featuring Justice Tripp of Trapped Under Ice, this song shows that while there’s a lot of groove in this record Turnstile isn’t afraid to write a song under 90 seconds.

“Bleach Temple” and “Love Lasso” are definitely where Turnstile gets experimental on the album.  These songs show that they’re is not afraid to crank up the reverb to 10 and while still having the punch of songs like “Gravity” and album closer “Stress”

“Blue By You” specifically being the stand out track the album. The poppiest song, takes a small page from Brian Wilson’s book on song structure while still maintaining enough groove and drive to remind you that you’re still in fact, listening to a hardcore record.

With this debut, Turnstile has officially stolen the show from the hardcore scene so far. I have found myself repeatedly listening to this record much more than anything else released far this year (sorry Drake). With Nonstop Feeling, Turnstile have made an impressive record that will be a hard act to follow for bands in 2015, but also will be remembered in the hardcore community for years to come.