Adventures – “Supersonic Home” Review

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez

LISTEN to the album while you read!

LISTEN to the album while you read!

It is as if the true sounds from behind bedroom doors during the 90s has escaped into the world. Adventures‘ debut full length reimagines alternative rock from the decade with as much energy as possible. Supersonic Home was produced by none other than Wil Yip (Circa Survive, Stray From The Path, Tigers Jaw) and features ten tracks packed with dueling vocals and catchy progressions.

Fun fact: Reba Meyers from the almighty Code Orange is one of female vocalists on this record (along with bassist Joe and drummer Jami). After listening to her sludge her way through frantic hardcore songs, it’s refreshing to hear her in a new light, using her more natural vocals to compliment Kimi Hanauer (vocals/keyboards), the other female vocalist on this LP. Joe helps resonate every now and again with vocals of his own, usually belting at a lower octave to help pull of an infectious duel vocal approach.

‘Dream Blue Haze’ invites the listener in with belted vocals and upbeat grooves, giving only a preview of what will happen with the other nine tracks. ‘Your Sweetness’ takes a smooth transition into a soft plucked guitar with the vocals reflecting on decisions in life while then exploding back into the chorus with more energy and more breath for more shouted vocals.

Emo influences shine through some of the tracks. At times I feel like I am listening to The Hotelier’s more desperate moments, which is a compliment because when Holden begins letting his wiry voice out it captures me. Most of Supersonic Home does that, reeling the listener in first with a soft chord progression and calm vocal line before unleashing the duel vocal beast that ingrains melodies into your head and has you singing on the first full listen. An example of this is ‘Pure’ which is exactly halfway through the record

The back half of the record does expose a few more disconsolate songs. ‘Tension’ drones on about wanting attention much like the affection we see in other people. ‘Long Hair’ is heavy on the guitar effects to make the chords swirl behind the wiry vocal lead. The bass line is distinguishable and really pushes the song the entire way. 

Closing the album out is self-titled ‘Supersonic Home’ which is one of the more upbeat songs on the record, being marched out by Jami’s drums. Back are the dueling vocals and alternative chord progressions. As the song reaches its end the vocals are at the most urgent with screams launching behind the vocals, allowing for feedback to secure the final moments. Adventures’ debut is pure gold. This is a record front to back I enjoyed listening too. For fans of The Get Up Kids this is surely a must have. Check out Supersonic Home from Run For Cover records today!