Sleeptalk – “Young” Review

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez

Indie rock as a genre has such a vast scale of sounds for bands to narrow themselves into. Bands that can utilize as many characteristics as possible to create a vast list of adjectives to describe their music usually offer a more diverse listening experience to anyone willing to let go of their torches and genre elitism. Sleeptalk is one indie rock band that has a full list of descriptive words to associate with their music. Young is their second release in what is to be a trilogy; a follow up to Pure, released earlier this year.

Title track “Young” has music that effortlessly glides the listener into the depths of the stratosphere with its spacey and echo heavy lead guitar. Like watching someone’s soul escape their body, the chorus of young reflects this sentiment with the line, “we’re just dying to feel alive.” The rhythm section of the track offers bouncy syncopated sections that provide a stern foundation for vocal melodies to weave in between. Sleeptalk know how to make a listener feel like they are wafting through the air. The aptly titled “Drift Away” is a hazy synth pop track infused with programmed drum beats and warm bells dotted behind the bright chord progressions. 

“Bones” swells with pulsing synthesizers and a stream of Anthony Fitzpatrick’s infectious stream of conscious that is his singing ability. A non-stop, airy attack keep “Bones” from being rather bland since not much else happens in the song. “Drowned Out” sounds a bit like an emo track of the earlier 2000s mixed with a bit of dance pop from bands such as The 1975. With releases as solid as both Young and Pure, I am in anticipation of what Sleeptalk‘s third and final release in their trilogy will bring. 

Score: 7/10