Posted: by Henderson

What A Great Year! Things have been awesome for us here at The Alternative. January has been the best month ever for the website, and interviews with the coolest people in music continue to pour in (recently posted TrustfundBob Cooper, and Oso Oso + Looming, Jetsam Fotsam, and Mitski soon to come!). Our most anticipated albums, individual top album lists, and The Alternative Music Awards were a ton of fun, and it seems like you enjoyed them too. Best of all, these little victories have led to some big opportunities that will make my dream come true.

What’s The Dream? Well, I grew up in North Jersey (Essex County, NJ) and there was no sweet music spot to hang out in. My friends and I all listened to music nonstop, but the nearest full time venues were far away, and the local CD stores sucked. They would never let us chill there and listen to music all night. We constantly talked about opening a place where we could do everything musical we wanted: see great bands, and meet other people. A relaxed, safe environment where music ruled over all other things. IT’S ABOUT TIME THIS DREAM COMES TRUE.

The Team. I have joined forces with a group of people who have that same dream. Leading this project is Chris (who operated the best house venue I’ve ever been to, The Batcave) and Adam (producer at Timber Studios and drummer of Gatherer). We’ll soon be opening a place that I like to think of as the Willy Wonka music factory, All Sounds.

What’s All Sounds? All Sounds is a sweet space which will contain a VENUE where we will host great shows every week, a full time RECORDING STUDIO, a RECORD LABEL (that I will be managing!!!), and a RECORD STORE that will be a great place to chill. All Sounds will also be the HQ for the amazing artists at Pavonine Packaging, who will be designing our releases (as well as releases outside of the label) that look as cool as they sound. This is just the start of all the huge plans we have for All Sounds. The lease is signed the location is ours. Now to build build build, and open this baby.

HOW YOU CAN HELP? Following All Sounds on TwitterFacebookTumblr, and Instagram is a great start. Show us to your friends. But most importantly, when this place opens up, come hang out and be a part of what we are doing.

What Does This Mean For The Alternative? Not that much and a ton! The Alternative will continue on as usual, but now All Sounds will become our home base. This will give us access to recording studios (for live sessions), and a home venue to book showcases for our favorite bands! For myself personally, working with All Sounds will be able to make my bigger ambitions a reality. This will be an opportunity for me to invest my efforts into music I really love. I think All Sounds and The Alternative are going to be a perfect combination. My first involvement with the All Sounds label will be…

A Compilation To Benefit All Sounds! I know, how cool right? So many great bands are already on board such as Rozwell Kid, aggrocragg, Wayne Szalinski, Secret Stuff, and Two Inch Astronaut! I hope to release this compilation in February via the All Sounds’ Bandcamp for pay what you want. It would mean a TON if you could send us a few dollars when you download. Your money will help make this dream reality.

Submissions! If your band wants to be considered for the compilation or for a future All Sounds’ release, send us your music! We would love to hear it. We will ALWAYS be taking submissions at