Conjure – “Conjure” EP Premiere

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez

Conjure are ripping through the state lines of Florida with a blend of emo and alternative music that moves slow but hits hard. The Jacksonville act are releasing their new self-titled EP Conjure on December 18th through Hang In There Records. “Ghost” takes the cake here is showcasing exactly what this band can do, threading their tense vocals between distorted guitar chords and plucked notes that trudge along with a heavy heart about the passing of a loved one. Their vocal harmonies are wrapped tightly together in every track on Conjure. They have a monotonous sludge to them but bring out their urgency in higher end screams and wails. “Driven” closes out the EP with the most memorable melodies and explodes with a final drum pattern that releases all of the melancholy into each piece of the kit. The EP’s wonderfully constructed sound is attributed to Jay Maas (formerly of Defeater)

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