Bloodstream – “Break Me” EP Premiere

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez

Rock music has a new honest mask to wear and move through. Bloodstream is a group from Massachusetts and are debuting their newest EP Break Me to the world through The Alternative. They have larger than life vocal deliveries that are desperately crying out to the rest of the world. The honest delivery is found within the lyrics of “Breeze,” the second song on the EP, when the vocals cut through the music with, “I can’t tell if I’m hiding my need for attention or just used up and full of tension.” The problem is, Break Me is full of raw tension that creates moments of both bliss and internal combustion in Bloodstream‘s songwriting. In one moment they are plucking guitar notes calmly and letting the rhythm section play out and in another they are forcing their guitars to slam against giant walls of distortion while the vocals are pinned against the same wall screaming their lungs out. Listen to Break Me below and find the pre-order and buy it. Not to be over-looked is the prepped for war “Break Me” that screams and bellows and ferociously bashes your eardrums in as a full release of the aforementioned tension.