Lume – “Weed” Song Premiere

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez

At some point in our lives we want nothing more than to have people be aware of us. The accomplishments, the desperate pleas for help, the needs and wants of our darkest lusts and we even want to find ourselves. That is, the version of us that we think would represent the most true image of how others perceive us. We struggle so hard to create that best representation of ourselves that we never realize how sick and diseased we are. Lume have created the lethargic and slow moving tune to that process of, “waiting patiently just to be found” in their newest single “Weed.” The amount of damage we have done to ourselves is brought to life through melodies that never quite bounce but have enough life to continue living in a hazy fog. The vocals never spark but instead weave through vivid chords and a sulky rhythm section. “Weed” is another example of Lume‘s ability to prove that great songs take extra time to drift into the endorphins before releasing, all the while the brain is quietly awaiting their return, and “Weed” hits the spot. Fans of stoner rock, shoegaze and indie sit back, close your eyes and float away with this tune, maybe you’ll find what you have been looking for.