Pedestrian – “Healthy Ways To Die” Album Stream

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez

It was just this morning that I was writing about the state of reflection on the past year. Now we are equipped with the best album to do that with. Pedestrians feature glimmering guitars similar to the audacious sound that TWIABP channeled earlier this year. While sparkling during their softer progressions, often times the Orange County act will blast through the sound barrier of anyone’s speakers with beatdowns such as the ending of “Breathing Treatment.” It’s an album where each guitar string represents your emotional soul and every new note shocks it to life with extreme care. Healthy Ways To Die does not spend too much time talking or singing, instead letting their atmospheric approach to writing music dazzle listeners between the glamorous and rich guitars. The record was released via Sun Terrace Records today, and The Alternative are proud to bring the entire stream to anyone wanting to spend some time with a journal and writing down what they feel, because Pedestrian took their journal and transformed it into nine tranquil tracks packed with gorgeous melodies.

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