Like Pacific – Self-titled EP Review

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez

Stream the EP here!!! 

Stream the EP here!!! 

Pure Noise Records picked up one hell of a band in Like Pacific. The five piece pop-punk band embraces heavy hard hitting emotional music on their new self-titled EP. Each track is quick and to the point, progressing in standard verse chorus bridge manners but keeping it interesting and fresh with their tight musicianship. 

The opening track ‘Sigh Of Relief’ has a different vibe than the other four songs. Hell it is barely even able to be considered a sigh at the pace it comes out of the gate. It’s rather a desperate breath in comparison to the more melodic follow up ‘Eviction.’ Slick chord progressions matched with spastic drumming keep the music pulsing forward. The vocals rest between a throaty yell and melodic singing. Regardless Jordan Black seems to be giving every note his entire breath which gives the urgency of his lyrics more of a profound hold on the listener.

‘Clarity’ is probably my favorite off the EP, boasting my favorite vocal approach found within Black’s repertoire, soaring with the lyrics “You know what you did, so forget all the things I said.” The dark and bouncing melodies in the guitars’ progressions help give the battle cry more fight in the mix, not to mention the bass holding the song together with it’s friendly chug. Ending track ‘Suffering’ has the same lighthearted and summery feel that The Story So Far has mastered throughout the years, using many melodies with exasperated vocals being driven by a great upbeat. 

Like Pacific was apparently created to have fun, and have since begun taking everything more seriously. It is a pleasure to to hear an up and coming band have such a solid release. Their self-titled EP Like Pacific is released January 20th and is definitely worth listening too. Expect this band to be headlining tours soon with music as strong as these five tracks.

– Sean