Low Spirit – “Away From Home” Song Premiere

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez

Low Spirit is the solo project of Sam Checkoway from Sleeping Patterns. The group released a self-titled EP earlier this year through Honest Face Records. The EP featured five songs of dark and gloomy punk-gaze that ranged from dazzling instrumentals to virulent spasms of energy. Over three months later and the EP is receiving a deluxe edition rerelease featuring more from the Massachusetts act, including “Away From Home” which is premiering exclusively below! The song fits right in with the rest of the soundscape that Low Spirit is known for, albeit with a bit less dark brooding and a lot more reflective tension. The vocal melodies mesh extremely well with the rather bright and straight forward guitar progressions. The rhythm section features clashing drums with a perfectly mixed bass bellowing underneath the chords, keeping a tight rhythm for the rather airy track.

The deluxe edition of Low Spirit is available today via Honest Face Records