Boyfriend Interview + Touring Now

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez

Boyfriend is the loud and vibrant sex appeal that the rap game has needed. She’s an English teacher that isn’t afraid to come out of that shell and be a rock star. The artist is a force to be reckoned with, even more so that she is touring the country. With her eccentric style also comes a dangerous glam that is hard not to be attracted to. Her tour swings her through the midwest this upcoming week, with dates in Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago and Minneapolis, up first! Listen to Love Your Boyfriend, Pt. 2 here!

Hello Boyfriend! Welcome to The Alternative, how are you today? 

I’m feeling swanky, as per usual. 

You are are currently on tour, do you enjoy the road life?

I’ve always been a woman on the go, so I reckon road life suits me, so long as hot baths are still accessible.  

Before a show are you still acting as your character, or do you let up while visiting the cities you arrive in on different days?

I’m not sure what you mean… I am that I am. 

Have you ever thought about writing a novel or finding new outlets for yourself, whether it be The teacher side or the rapper side?

I’m afraid the teacher side of me has retired, but other creative endeavors do indeed tempt me often. Perhaps you’ll find me on Broadway… 

How tough has it been breaking into the scene of rap, was there any immediate back lash or were people wowed by your mantra? (To be honest from what I’ve seen your stage presence is amazing). 

If there’s been a back lash it’s unbeknownst to me. Once you’re in the room, Rap Cabaret is hard to resist. 

Does Boyfriend fall prey to the typical culture of the autumnal season? Such as pumpkin spice lattes, scarves and cardigans? (All things I have found myself even wearing/consuming).

Nostalgia is my main guilty pleasure of the season. I’m a sucker for the season, and even Holiday-themed mall muzak gets me misty.

What is up next for the rest of the year/2016?

Stay tuned for Love Your Boyfriend, Pt. 3, the final installment of my LYBF project (the single was just released last week).

Any last words?

I’m Your Boyfriend.