Eilen – ‘F E V E R M A G’ EP Review

Posted: by Findlay

Florida based musician Eilen makes music that fuses Hip-hop, Funk and Electronica – and with new EP F E V E R M A G he’s seriously done something incredible. Although, pigeonholing him like this isn’t even helping. This guy is an alien in a bowtie, picking you up from the club and singing to you on the drive home.

This EP exists in the spaces where music shouldn’t work. Groovy, pacy, driven beats with electronics and live instruments and smooths vocals that barely give a shit about what they’re supposed to be. It’s INCREDIBLE. Like opener “Last Cigarette”, synths haze in and out while jazz keys run through the songs veins, building to a spaced out funk then Eilen comes in kind of rapping, kind of singing, kind of talking. Owning your attention with his frontal lobe. Even the chorus is like a Sly and the Family Stone type sing along but being played on the moon. 

The same continues for next song “Virgin”. Eilen sounds like he’s trying to seduce you from a computer simulation from 1997 while synths phase, pan and oscillate. Elements like this in songs can so EASILY sound jarring and cheap but not only does he make it work and cool as fuck, he makes it also kind of sexual. It’s NUTS.

Final song “Vortex” combines Com Truise type warm synthpop stabs with raspy synths that make you think Eilen would fucking sell out the clubs in Blade Runner. He works on so many levels with incredibly chilled vocals from outer space and organic live instruments for the drums and bass. It honestly shouldn’t work and it’s so hard to pin down but I can’t recommend it enough.

Eilen is the space between two north magnets.

Eilen is the limit your thumb will bend to.

Eilen might’ve just made the best EP of the year and didn’t even let anyone know.