TAPE – “Bodies” EP Review

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez

I am still trying to understand exactly what TAPE is. Okay, I get that it is an electronic friendly group who just released an EP entitled Bodies, but just press play and maybe you will be stuck in the same existential pit I am in. I listened to it on drugs, I listened to it off drugs, I listened to it while mindless and I focused once and let it possess my senses. I’m not sure which version of me enjoyed it the most and which one left me scared in the shower. The music is eclectic – almost abrasive at times – and is cut by falsetto vocals that are light and rather airy. It’s this tension between the delicate vocals and the sonically filling music that gives Bodies a memorable power over the ears.

A rather quick listen, the five tracks never stay too long, rather floating at a steady pace and bringing to light a somber, atmospheric mood with each new tune. “Synthetic” kicks everything off with its alien like beat that is ominously brought to life with a vocal delivery that drifts into the space without much force. It’s a non-violent collision, much like if clouds were to roll into each other; combining their power and grace rather than exploding into different beings. They waste no time in delivering their songs, skipping what would be a gradual build and instead throw the entirety of it at you right away and go with it (except for “Monitor”). It’s effective because you receive the premiss of the track immediately and when something does change, it halts your drug advanced brain patterns and pushes them aside, attacking your creative identity, at least that’s how I felt when I listened to “Nein” the other day during it’s small capture and release of pulsing synthesizers. “Monitor” is the sound of your heartbeat being brought back to life, starting with a steady thump before weaving through a hazy musical progression that sounds like what paint oozing down by the power of gravity would appear to be while your eyes were on acid. 

“Guest Appearance” and “Entry Request/Exit Strategy” are loud and in that nature never give up their assault. The former is expressive through it’s pounding percussion heavy noise while the latter is more choppy, being guided with warm synth chords. Both tracks offer their own concussive like symptoms and both tracks will exit and leave your head feeling still and without distraction; the worst possible way to be. TAPE fill a void of noise that people sometimes require to sleep, also filling a void that people require to let out their repulsive dance moves and please their significant other. Bodies seeks to be the pleasure of your life and its five tracks never let up their predatory power.

Score: 8.5/10