Come Wind – “Move In Place” Review

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez

To say I was not a bit uninterested in Come Wind after their opening track to Move In Place would be me lying, and I don’t want to do that. Starting off the album with a slow and reflective burner felt wrong, especially in context with the rest of the album. Maybe the tone was right, but the length left too little left of the wick for me to really take notice. Luckily, the fire was not completely burnt as “Birds Will Never Fly” took over the space in my ear hole and kicked it back in focus. Almost possessing the same amount of length as the opener, this track bursts and bounces to a new beat. The drum work is fantastic, the lead melodies add a new dimension to the rather abrasive rhythm section. The vocals are pitch perfect, sliding and weaving their way through a rather diverse melody that takes skill and a great amount of determination to pull off. Instead of just airing out their track, they fill the space with energy and passion that was just not found in their opener.

It’s not that Come Wind are not allowed to pull off their slower paced tracks, because they can put quite the halt to feel good beats to bring about an existential ballad in “Come & Go.” Here, the group is rather simplistic in their approach, bringing honest lyrics to an acoustic guitar session and play softly, as if trying not to disturb the urgency. If I had to describe this band by comparing other groups, I would think Two Door Cinema Club or even Two Gallants, maybe a hint of stripped down Manchester Orchestra without the proper explosions of chaos. Rather, Come Wind keep things relatively calm and cool throughout Move In Place. However, they do know how to create a spark and beg for people to pay attention to their vivd soundscape, as heard in “Vacant.” It’s catchy, poppy and a bit on the indie/emo side laced with both twinkly and twnagy guitars. It’s a rather rich sound when the full band comes together on a track as luscious and packed to the brim with harmonious grooves such as this.

“Found” is a sleeping track that might get overlooked by listeners because it is rather late in the track list. Press play though and one is immediately met with a colorful tapping guitar lead that could be included in a Icarus The Owl track. The dynamics and natural build of the track create a tension, leaving the listener in dire anticipation for the energetic reprise, teasing with changes between verse and chorus before the bridge begins the desperate tightening of the coil. It all unleashes at the end with the familiar guitar piece that everyone was anticipating to show back up.

Move In Place is vivacious and full of life. Come Wind have established their ability to craft songs, but at times it is the execution that leaves things feeling somewhat short handed. This will come with time and when the band creates more natural detonations within their music they will be a force everyone wants to be apart of. 

Score: 7/10