Fluffler “Monolith” Video Premiere

Posted: by Riley

Abstract art can be divisive; this is especially true when the art itself appears simple or achievable. It’s that “I wish I’d thought of that” mentality vs. the “anyone could’ve done that” mentality. Between those two mindsets, one thing remains constant: it’s not something you’ve encountered before. 

Fluffer may not be an abstract art project, per se, but it can function like one at times (and I, for one, have never heard anything like it). The indescribable Cincinnati future-poppers play with the comfortability of their listeners like a master waving a toy in front of a dog: taunting them with familiar electronic dance textures before piling on heavy, distorted bass drops and dizzying drum patterns. Fluffer tests their listeners. Or rather, Fluffer challenges their listeners. However, if you accept the ‘challenge,’ you’ll be rewarded with one hell of a party.

Now, the trio is gearing up to release a new LP – one that cements their leap into flashy, auto-tuned experimentation. Our first taste of the forthcoming self-titled is the vertiginous “Monolith.” The song and corresponding video display Fluffer‘s playful braggadocio pop, which excitingly straddles the line between the familiar and the abstruse. It’s music for partying on expert, made by expert partiers. Watch the video for “Monolith” below.

FFO: Chromeo, Discovery, Deerhoof, STRFKR