Floral – “The Second Floral EP” Review

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez

At one point in time, music that was strictly instrumental had as much of a popular appeal as music fueled by lyrics. As much as it is to have something to sing along with, the beauty of instrumental music is the places one can let their mind wander to because there’s nothing chaining them. Floral is a two piece rock act out of California who possess this ability to sooth parts of the soul with their simple yet spastically complex songs. 

The Second Floral EP is an unwound knot of musical tenacity. The way each song can pull your mind away from whatever it is your supposed to focusing on shows how powerful the groups songwriting is. A few times while writing this detailed review I have caught myself mindlessly staring out the window, at loss for what it was I was supposed to be doing in the first place. When Nate Sherman (Guitar) and Ty Mayer (Drums) crafted a way to tag along in people’s lives through their music. When they begin racing through “Town Picnic,” the mind races. On top of an odd timing structure there are powerful chords and vivid melodies ringing through the technical drum patterns. Sherman flies through licks on the fretboard while Mayer keeps a dedicated pace to keep everything tight. 

“Unfair Treaty” is a delicate track that takes apart guitar chords by arpeggiating them with fiery melodies. Every chord is met by a twisting lick that ends back into another chord, transitioning smooth and effortlessly. “A Shepherd’s Bumfit” is memorable by its beautiful transitions through musical keys (even if only for a short second) and embracing great grooves. 

The 16 minute, six track The Second Floral EP feels shorter than it is, mainly because of how easy it is to get lost listening to the music. It’s probably how people felt back when “Moonlight Sonata” was first being played. Floral make music feel good, and it’s effect is making the listener feel good. They inspire a warmth deep in your body that spreads from the inside and through every limb and by extension the fingers. It leaves a stellar impression on your mind. 

Score: 8.5/10