Triathalon – “Nothing Bothers Me” Review

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez

Starting off your record with a six minute song is bold. It’s a move that says, “we have what it takes to not only kick start your interest but hold it for the entire length of every movement we wrote.” A song that can easily be the opener of live shows, most groups want to start off with something sporadic and jumpy. Triathalon is not like most bands. Nothing Bothers Me is not like most albums. 

Like mentioned earlier, “Mellow Moves” is not really the typical track that most expect to start an album. It picks up a bit of pace after easing in with a somewhat hazy first progression. Echo and thin guitar melodies slide in between twangy guitar chords and a driving bass line. The vocals are crisp, edgy and cutting through the shoegaze styled indie rock with a natural, elegant cadence. The ending of the track brings the gallop to a trot, creeping along the chord progressions with plenty of swells, falsettos and echoes to accompany the rather still atmosphere. 

Triathalon focuses on establishing a mood throughout each one of their tracks instead of trying to harbor a frantic song grasping for attention. They are much more relaxed but equally as pensive, like on the extremely slow closing track, “Take It Easy.” The organs are providing a bit of extra space for the vocals and guitar to clash with, creating a track that feels extremely natural, like your life is as together as the tight knit instruments of this track. “Chill Out” is another song that reaches for this atmospheric setup and does it perfectly with discordant progressions bending and shifting their way into your mind. It’s a haunting tune in and out thanks to the reverb laced vocals, establishing a ghastly echo above the eerie music. 

Nothing Bothers Me is not going to be melting anyone’s face off with speedy tracks and fiery guitar licks. Instead they are much like a campfire, maintaing a steady glow with their controlled fuel of warm, ambient tunes. Triathalon‘s second release sits with the likes of Hyperview or Peripheral Vision, but slower and more calculated. They really let their songs brew for a while longer and it can make fans or break fans. It can be hard to sit so still through their songs, barely making huge efforts to make your head nod. Instead, relax and let the sounds soothe you, take you away on a whimsical journey of ten dazzling tracks.

Score: 7.25/10