Dreamcatcher – GUN Video Premiere

Posted: by Henderson

Dreamcatcher is a band that embodies the entire idea of a savior. Here I am transforming all of their heart pieces into my own disfigured narrative. I’m just a bit out of touch with reality but still full of the awe this band has continuously shown. They blend shoegaze with a whole new sense of attitude, almost like joining two separate evils together in a beautiful marriage. They bring comfort to a new level of despair, almost as if wishing to be the force that glues your back together after stunning you with their beautiful music. Here is their newest single – as explained by the band themselves – accompanied with a visually dynamic video, “GUN.”

Have you ever just sat down and wondered ‘what the fuck is happening in my life?’ Have you wondered why? Have you gone down the rabbit hole? Have you been that lost?

“Gun” was written a few days after we did the final vocal tracks for “Wonderlust.” I sat on my couch, fueled with whiskey and bad thoughts, and wrote it out. And then I didn’t feel that way for a while. I didn’t feel lost. I didn’t feel alone. Like a cure. 

This summer hit like a bus. Everything started to change, and not in the fashion I was hoping for. I felt like I was trapped and stuck. I wondered why every plan had gone to shit. I blamed everyone. I blamed myself. I tried not to show it, but people could tell. I felt lost, again. It didn’t feel like the lost you could recover from. 

We had thought about releasing a different song, but with how this summer felt, we knew “Gun” was the right choice. For us, releasing this song is so cathartic. Once again, those bad thoughts feel cured. 

“Gun” is about being in a delicate place. It’s the note that you don’t want to write. It’s about the decision to fight your demons or to let them take you. 

If you feel alone, scared, out of control – please seek help. There is always light in the darkness. There is always something to fight for. Find it. You are never alone.