Fit For An Autopsy – ‘Absolute Hope Absolute Hell’ Review

Posted: by Tom

Deathcore is one of those weird genres where all the bands generally associated with it try their best to avoid the label. You rarely hear a band talk about how their album is the best deathcore album, instead bands have adopted to the Djent style. Djent is sort of a step between progressive metal and a traditional core sound. It usually features low tuning, palm muting, and short quick riffs. it’s often punctuated with a long higher guitar tone from another guitarist. So why am I bringing this up? Fit For An Autopsy that’s why.

Fit For An Autopsy’s Absolute Hope Absolute Hell is the third album from the New Jersey band. They are definitely one of the better bands to be in the realm of deathcore, but they’re ready to shed that label with this album. Absolute Hope Absolute Hell certainly comes out swinging with the self-titled opening track. The song comes off a bit more progressive in style than Djent or core thanks to the lead guitar progression and lack of choppiness. The second song ‘Wither’ is Djent by the books; complete with short, choppy riffs, and breakdowns galore. That’s pretty much the theme throughout this album. While they may be trying to run from deathcore, they’re running with the crowd into Djent. There’s some standout tracks on here, particularly ‘Ghost In The River’ which has more progressive elements and is a bit more methodical and serious in its approach.

That said, Fit For An Autopsy do Djent well. Everything you’d expect from the sound is here and perfected. The choppy riffs, the blast beats and the brutal vocals are all delivered with as much passion as possible. They may not do anything to stand out but they do it so well that they end up standing out anyways. It may sound like I’m not enjoying this album but I am. It’s heavy as expected and there’s enough progression and talent to make it enjoyable. They may be doing what other bands are doing, but they’re doing it better than most of them. The group often approach death metal and progressive metal specifically with the lead guitar licks. The best example of that is the song ‘False Positive’ which is fairly familiar by now in sound but it just does it oh so well you can’t help but tap your foot, rock your head, and love it all the way through. 

Try as they might Fit For An Autopsy are not breaking new grounds with this album, but they’re walking this well treaded land so well it doesn’t matter. If you like deathcore, death metal, djent, this is an album you need to hear. 

Score 7.5/10