The Conjuring

Posted: by Henderson

The Conjuring (2013) Directed by James Wan

In One Sentence: Spooky demons haunt a family in the 1970s but demonologists are on the case

Why You Should Watch: Classic spooky haunted house terrorizes family movie a la Amityville. Again not an original concept but pretty well done, and the focus on the paranormal investigators is a nice take on the genre. Paranormal investigators are always the most interesting part of any of these haunted house movies in my opinion. Well apparently the writers of this film agreed. The Conjuring follows a husband wife team of “demonologists” who take on a particularly mean spirit latching on to a family in the 1970s. Throwback horror vibes are everywhere but at least it’s not another fucking remake.

I must admit that somehow this film is directed by James Wan (Insidious) and stars Patrick Wilson who also stars in Insidious. Weird choice Wan sure you also directed the first Saw movie but there are other actors out there. Both movies have a similar feel. While Insidious was a modern take on Poltergeist, The Conjuring is a new take on Amityville Horror. Both films are flawed but solid, and I think I might like The Conjuring the better of the two. Patrick Wilson (Wan’s boy) is solid as the lead demon hunter dude and the family is good enough to care about. The film starts off with a little haunted doll side story that’s pretty solid, and then slowly builds to a climax at the family’s haunted house. Of course the kids can see the spirit first, but soon everyone is at risk. There is also a haunted music box which is a nice freaky touch.

Overall a solid ghost story in a genre where there are many more inferior films. Watch away next time you’re home alone and want to get spooked.

Favorite Line: “When the music stops you see him in the mirror standing behind you.”