Broadcaster – ‘Spin’ EP Review

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez

Pop-punk has a lot of varying shades, it’s why so many fans flock to it with their arms wide open. Their are bands covering topics as wide as: politics, depression, growing up and accepting everyone. There are bands like Broadcaster that have such a carefree vibe it’s hard not to smile at the admirable antics of their music. Spin is their latest release from Jump Start records, and it is nothing short of an 11 minute highlight to anyone’s day.

Stuck in congested traffic? Give this record a spin. At work and need a small break? Throw this record on. Almost any moment can be enlightened by the feel good nature of the New York trio. Their songs are standard punk structured in terms of following a linear chord progression through verses, choruses and the occasional leads but it’s just naturally energetic and bouncy. They don’t force pretentious progressiveness in your ear, instead just relying on their natural talent to write a good hook about loving life. Opener ‘Next To You’ probably describes my drunken life in too perfect of a way, but they capture the moment of waking up next to someone you love perfectly. It’s joy mixed with wonder and mysteriousness, and they bring it to life with such enchanting grace. 

The heartwarming nature of closing track ‘Spin Around The World’ is a perfect send off to the record, and an ever more perfect way to give light to how this band continues its existence. Broadcaster are heading to Fest this year and I dare every one of you to just lose your mind to the simple tunes this group will provide for you. As someone who can never just sit down and fucking relax, listening to Spin is in it’s own unique short way a healthy alternative. Just listen below.

Score: 7.7/10