Sundressed – ‘The Same Condition’ EP review

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez

Sundressed are a kind of band that brings pure joy to their music that it is hard not to listen to The Same Condition and not smile. Imagine listening to a younger, more angst driven Motion City Soundtrack and you can pretty much imagine what the four track EP will sound like. There is no doubt in my mind that at some point, this band will be unbelievable, but for now we only have small snippets of how awesome they will be.

There is an uncanny charm to the way Sundressed present themselves on their EP. The vocalist feels as if he is stumbling upon his words, almost nervous to sing about such things; such as heartbreak, depression and being in a toxic relationship. He brings it together in larger than life hooks on choruses such as ‘Good As You.’ Here we hear Trevor Hedges express his thoughts in a peaceful falsetto that is easy to listen to and easier to hum along with. He brings about an amount of joy and energy for such a young band thinking like veterans already. The chorus of ‘Beck And Call’ is infectious, resonating to listeners with a larger than life beckon from the microphone. It’s a heart breaker and an anthem, two things that have worked for so many bands before. It’s this catchy presence backed by decent instrumentations that just make listeners feel happy and close to this style of music. 

This is an exciting release for such a young band. To watch them grow can only be something to be stoked to watch. They address their presence on ‘Ordinary Day’ as just another band singing the same songs, but they just accept it and then do it so well. Remember the name Sundressed in a few years, but for now enjoy The Same Condition as the remarkable release it is.

Score: 7/10

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