October 8 – Creepshow 2 (1987)

Posted: by Findlay

Creepshow 2 (1987) Directed by Michael Gornick

In One Sentence: A few well written spooky stories nicely woven together for a sweet anthology.

Why You Should Watch: Horror anthologies are a huge part of Halloween festivities. Wee digestible stories filled with mad effects and SpOoKy tales wrapped in a moral blanket, lil bite-sized chunks of fun you can argue with friends about what was your favourite and least favourite.

The original Creepshow was collaboration between George Romero and Stephen King paying homage to the E.C. horror comics they grew up on and adored. An all star cast, great effects and a fun sensibility made for a great movie. Creepshow 2 however, is much goofier and SpOoKieR and ALL the better for it.

This time Romero is screenplaying based on Stephen King stories, and Gornick is directing. From the start your treated with Tom Savini dressed as a weird demon/mailman merged with a classic animation style setting up the wraparound story.

Each story here is one I totally love and always argue, are WAY better than the original film. “Ol’ Chief Wood’nhead” telling the tale of a native American statue taking revenge against a gang of thugs, “The Raft” making for a scary Jaws-meets-the-Blob story of menace in a lake and “The Hitchhiker” is a scary and hilariously gory tale of a hitchhiker that won’t take no for an answer. Everything about the film is a blast, mixed with great SFX by burgeoning effects legends Howard Berger and Greg Nicotero (who basically do all the best FX in the genre) makes for a campy, fun 88-minute treat. Perfect.

Favourite Line: “Nine years it took me to grow this hair man. I’m not just fucking around.”