October 6 – Late Phases (2014)

Posted: by Findlay

Late Phases (2014) by Adrian Garcia Bogliano

In One Sentence: A good recent werewolf film. No really I swear.

Why You Should Watch: Werewolves mate. Everyone likes werewolves, folk say it’s a primal thing or a metaphor for passive aggressive release, but really we just want to see big gnarly wolves go bananas. So it’s a shame that we’re never REALLY treated to good films starring them. Silver Bullet, American Werewolf in London, Ginger Snaps and Dog Soldiers. That’s about it really. Too many films retreading the same old tropes or just falling flat with truly abysmal fucking werewolf effects (like the Wolfman remake which, after a dreadful experience, basically triggered Rick Baker’s tragic retirement). So thank FUCK Late Phases exists. 

Nick Damici aka The Coolest Guy in Genre Films Right Now writes and stars in Late Phases as a blind army vet moving into a retirement home and taking on a coven of werewolves. I KNOW RIGHT? Sounds already like a winner. The story is tight and intriguing with him being a salty old fucker and trying to suss out his neighbours and local clergy. Alot of great humour and totally human moments are peppered here in-between some totally wild and surprisingly creepy moments.

The werewolf costumes are also incredible with SFX wizard Robert Kurtzmann designing and making all the suits. Kurtzmanns obviously had total free reign (and why wouldn’t he) as the wolves really remind me of his amazing Gargoyle from the Tales From The Darkside movie. Each werewolf has really neat little details telling them all apart and the ferocity with how they move is just the best.

If that wasn’t enough Larry Fessenden, Tom Noonan AND Ethan Embry all star in it aswell. So I mean HOLY SHIT get it watched.

Favourite Line: “Do not look back. That was my mistake. You can not leave in the past. You have got to put it away and move forward. Life is a gift. Do not waste it like I did.”