October 5 – Dawn of The Dead

Posted: by Ethan

Dawn of the Dead (2004) Directed by Zack Synder

In One Sentence: Fast zombies in a mall.

Why You Should Watch: Zack Snyder takes George Romero’s classic Dawn of the Dead and, in his own way, turns it on its head. Slow, shambling zombies meet fast, cardio-efficient zombies. Dawn of the Dead sets the stage with Ana, a hard working nurse after a long week at the office. Her one wish at the start of the film is to go home, curl up next to her hubbie, and watch reality TV shows. Yeah, well, you are in a horror movie. When she wakes up in the morning, the world took a shit and the majority of its inhabitants are carnivorous zombies. They are fast, they are angry, and they want to eat that sweet, sweet flesh. She meets a rag-tag group of survivors — one of which is played by your favorite Modern Family dad, Ty Burrell, and the other played by Mr. Dark and Obsessive, Michael Kelly from House of Cards — and heeds refuge in the mall, or as I like to call it, hell. What ensues is a goofy combination of try hard acting — which mostly falls on its ass — bloody visual effects, mild humor, Ving Rhames, and a never ending tidal wave of cheesy, yet quotable, lines. I loved this movie when I was sixteen, emphatically defending it as a world class zombie flick. Over the years I have realized how wrong I was, but it is still a fun movie. Oh, and the guy from Air Bud (you heard me) stars as the morally refined mall cop. I will leave that as my mic drop.

Favorite Line: “Fuck y’all.”