October 18 – Maximum Overdrive (1986)

Posted: by Findlay

Maximum Overdrive (1986) Directed by Stephen King

In One Sentence:  Earth passes through the tail of a comet and machines come to life and just want to kill humans so much. 

Why You Should Watch: Maximum Overdrive is the only film Stephen King has ever directed and it’s a shame because it’s his best. HAHAHA GOOD JOKE. Seriously though, this film is a blast and in typical King fashion, full of characters you love and maybe, possibly, a horrific child death.
My memory of Maximum Overdrive is not unlike how I first watched Fright Night. This time I was staying at my grans at a young age, watching TV laaate into the night and ended up watching Maximum Overdrive. It turns out all my friends had done the same so we spoke about it ALOT the next day. The gore, the cool Green Goblin truck, the vans and guns and electric knives working on their own. It totally blew our minds. At that age it was “how did they do those koool effects?” but as I watched it again and again growing up I realize he made a film about things we’ve all been suspicious of. Does all my shit come to life when I’m not there? Does my microwave hate me? Is my electric toothbrush a vindictive arsehole? All these things and more.

The plot revolves around one location and a varied cast of characters given proper depth and screentime so you get to ~know~ them. King is the master of investing you in peoples anguish and peril. There are also a few threads of interconnecting story that all tie up in a beautiful bow towards the end of the second act.

One of the things I noticed about M.O. this time was the fact that because it’s not humans providing the danger to the survivors, they all inherently trust one another. Sure, some are angry and maybe hard to deal with, but they all band together and work together. In a world where every single car and fridge freezer wants to fuckin murder you? Looks like you have to trust the only thing you can, other humans. IT’S SO GOOD.

The pacing’s breezy, the plot never lets up and by the end you’re totally satisfied. Definitely a Saturday night film to have a cider with. LOVE U STEPHEN, PLEASE MAKE ANOTHER FILM.

Favourite Line:  “Honeybun? The cash machine just called me an asshole.”