October 17 – Hatchet (2006)

Posted: by Henderson

Hatchet (2006) Directed by Adam Green

In One Sentence: A mutant homicidal swamp ghost takes on a tour group and blood flows.

Why You Should Watch: This may be my favorite slasher film. Yes edging out all of the classics (Halloween, Nightmare on Elm). It might be because this movie is basically a well-executed riff on those prior films. Hatchet takes everything you usually see in a slasher film and ratchets it up 10 notches. More blood, an even more indestructible killer, stupider characters to get sliced up. All of this set in modern New Orleans and never takes it’s self too seriously. It hits all of the marks.

This is a great movie to watch with some friends and take your picks which characters you think will survive. For a silly movie, the writing and acting are all well done so you will have a lot of fun watching this one. I must emphasize again this movie is ridiculous. Evil Dead esque amounts of blood. Wear a poncho.

Favorite Line: “But you only shot him once, right? Maybe you gotta shoot him more times. Like four- or six- maybe you gotta shoot him six times?”