Five Emotional Songs Perfect For Fall

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez

Fall is one of the weirder seasons for me. I absolutely cherish the colder months because as everyone else finds them miserable I feel at ease, I feel happy. Autumn can be awkward because while the nights and mornings can be relatively frigid there will still be sunshine and heat waves reaching up to 80 degrees, which really throws off the whole cardigan, hoodie and scarf weather. The Fall is also a time for reflective and fervent music to be playing through the ears of music lovers. There’s something about being able to finally feel comfortable being snuggled up and cuddly and emotionally gripping music that just clashes so well in this season. 

Peach – The Front Bottoms

There is something so dark and devious about my love for this song. It’s a love song that I have no one to sing it too except myself. It’s a fucking tragic experience when you feel like you have not one damned person to share a moment like that with. I won’t give up though, I’ll still be singing this song in full voice to my fucking steering wheel the rest of my life if I have to. Can we also mention the lyrical potency of a track like this? The final line, “It’s hard to see tomorrow past tonight” is a critical line for understanding life in general. 

Just Friends – Pentimento

This song is two years old and still have the throat clenching power it had when I first heard it. Also I have a friend named Dustin who I see at the bars often and we always just end up screaming this song’s lyrics at each other. Call me by the way if you read this brother, we still need to have that listening party. Pentimento absolutely nail a song about my kind of love life right here, having just enough staying power to be a convenience to people’s lives without ever hitting the nail through the board if you will, instead just trying to break the surface. Is this really turning into “Five songs about Sean’s shitty love life instead?” I don’t know, carry on.

The New Black – Every Time I Die

This is quite easily my favorite Every Time I Die song ever. I remember seeing the video years ago and laughing my ass off at it’s sarcastic originality. This entire song is lensed through a biting and hilarious commentary about the music scene in general. Or if you are like me currently you can take a line like, “If loving me is wrong then god damn you do it right” as a complex lyric about not being able to love because that’s what this list calls for. Oh, it doesn’t? I’m making all of that up? Shit, anyways, the beer cracking in the opening just calls out my inner animal, party on and let’s move on.

Every Single Night – Fiona Apple

Remember when one of your favorite singers decided to re-enter the music industry? Remember when you were brought to tears at how emotionally vivid the first song off the record The Idler Wheel Is Wiser Than The Driver of the Screw and Whipping Cords Will Serve You More than Ropes Will Ever Do was? For a person that struggles constantly with mental health (never would have guessed with the storm I’ve been spewing huh?), this haunting song features a vulnerable Fiona Apple tackling her own head. Inside your own head you have the constant fight with yourself wanting to feel everything but then suffering because you can’t place what feels good and what feels off. P.S. the song sounds like a happy lullaby until Fiona wickedly transforms it into an ominous orchestra of total pain. 

Jane Doe – Converge

I would never let a list have my name attached without having a song that absolutely pulverizes the listener. Here is my 11 and a half minute behemoth of a track that sounds like the discordant symphony to a fractured heart. The song (and album) is known for their virulent destructive force and this song showcases it perfectly. Every fucking sonic boom is a representation of your heart being ripped out and destroyed by someone you thought you loved. Every scream is the emotional anguish you wish you could escape but have no way of releasing. Every twisting guitar note is an arrow piercing your emotional core into wanting an escape from this loveless reality. The poetic lyrics are hard to distinguish because the song just wants you to feel the pain and anguish. It’s all there, I promise.