H2O – ‘Use Your Voice’ Review

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez

Finally there is another record with the same stylings of Turnstile to enjoy this year. H2O is a veteran hardcore act that began as a group of friends playing music for Sick Of It All. The group has been known for their upbeat and quick paced punk vibes backed with the hardcore attitude of any 90s edge group. Use Your Voice is the newest release from the H2O, spilling the same style that’s been the key to their success for two decades.

Hardcore and punk originally started about the unique message to stand together and The brevity of the lyrics matched with bouncing drums and quick chord progressions is just too fun to listen to. For being a kid never fitting in on ‘Black Sheep,’ the band calls all of the others like them to join in on a rally anthem such as ‘Use Your Voice.’ It’s the vivid and clear passion that keeps this group in my music library. A track like ‘Still Dreaming’ is just a fun release and refresher from the rest of the music scene. Not to mention the vocals are pretty catchy, having melodies embedded in the strained shouts to sing along with. ‘True Love’ is probably the best song here, closing the album with a bit more of a dark tone. The chord progression is slower – adding more impact to the chorus – and built around an incredible message. 

The inspirational and upbeat music of H2O gives punk and hardcore a fun aspect to dance around too. Use Your Voice is a reminder to have fun and not be chained by the image of social media (‘#Not Real Life’). Sticking to the truth of the scene and themselves, the New York group have their own voice, and while not bringing a new sound to the community, they sure as hell know how to have fun. Take Use Your Voice as the album it is, a 22 minute burst of energy to wake you up, smile along with or dance around to. Hell, why not all three at once?

Score: Honestly, just listen to this and have fun/10