5 Thoughtful Songs Perfect For Fall

Posted: by Ethan

Fall is finally here. Summer is fine, I guess, but pale individuals such as myself do not thrive in the heat. Tis the season of hoodies, cardigans, and, my personal favorite, accepted introversion. Throughout the summer, the general populace acquires a sense of optimism; an attitude that permeates a message of “everything is going to be OK”. Again, that is fine. I will be the first to say the summer sunshine is a welcome change from winter’s soul-crushing droll. However, fall makes an anti-social girl or boy feel right at home. Your excuses to stay indoors are happily received rather than returned with chagrin. You do not have to feel as bad when Netflix binges, brooding is back in fashion, and the beer is on point (fuck pumpkin shit though). Reasons aside as to why fall is the best, one point that cannot be argued is the music. It is time to pull out the songs we save for the brisk, chilly air that are perfect for reading and philosophizing.

Blithe Field – “In The Moonlight”

I apologize for my candor, but I love every project Spencer Radcliffe has touched. The guy has an excellent writing style. He transitions from Modest Mouse-esque tunes to methodic, sad tales with ease, all while providing poignant self-exploration. Blithe Field is Radcliffe’s chillwave project, and the first of his music endeavors I was shown (shout out to my girlfriend for opening my eyes). Blithe Field is fall personified. It is relatively uncommon for artists to stay consistent over many albums, yet Blithe Field does with aplomb. His track “In the Moonlight” is a prime example of his sprawling sound and catharsis. Let it take you away.

Alex G – “Freedom”

Ever since I moved to Philly four years ago, Alex G has been a household name. The Skins Cells, Giannascoli’s second, more casual rock outfit, played the first show I went to with my roommates and best buds. He quickly became one of my favorite musicians, as well as a staple to my fall playlists. Whenever I feel the first fall breeze, “Freedom” off Winner is the first to be drag and dropped. The lyrics encapsulate his minimalistic approach fans have come to admire. As he repeats, “I took three more / I don’t think I know you anymore”, the words feel increasingly disconnected as the speaker – for argument sake, I will say the speaker is Giannascoli — continues to ingest more of  the substance he is referencing. Trust me, this will be a great addition to your fall list. Also, it makes a nice choice if you’re making a mix for that special someone and want to show them you can be dark, too.   

 Pianos Become The Teeth – “Repine”

I was one of the few who rejoiced when Pianos Become The Teeth changed their sound for last year’s album, Keep You. Now, that is almost definitely a generality. I am sure there were more than a few who enjoyed the album, but it felt like most avid fans were upset. Whatever, I fuckin’ love this album. Kyle Durfey’s vocal and lyrical prowess is, in my opinion, best exemplified on Keep You. Their song “Repine” is a beautiful examination of loneliness after losing someone, and the peculiar sensation that their presence never left.

Giraffage – “Close 2 Me”

My brother introduced me to Giraffage a few years ago, but I never got into his music until they were featured on my favorite, now defunct, YouTube channel: Revision 3 Games. Charlie Yin, AKA Giraffage, hails from San Francisco and makes dreamy, hip-hop infused chillwave. Grandiose emotion pours from his tracks, a noteworthy feat considering chillwave is predominantly beats and samples. Which is not to diminish the genre, there is plenty to love if not emotionalism. “Close 2 Me” is by far my favorite song by them. The hook and harmony are so damn catchy. Giraffage says on his bandcamp page in reference to his album Needs, “I went through the worst time of my life and also the best time of my life while writing the songs for this album.” That dichotomy screams through “Close 2 Me”, a song that I could only describe as playfully melancholy.

Told Slant – “Ohio Snow Falls”

This song fucks me up, man. Quite frankly, this entire album rips me to shreds. I am, first and foremost, a lyric snob, and vocalist Felix Walworth is a god damn poet. When Walworth begins belting, “I’m living horribly, so I don’t want to know how you’re doing” I almost lose it every time. It is about as honest as you can get, which is what I love about this band. They somehow manage to write profound, cerebral lines with nothing left for interpretation. And they put on one hell of a live show. I want you all to listen to “Ohio Snow Falls” and cry with me.